Before & After: Crowns

Dr. suarez explaining to a patient

John, the owner of a thriving floor business in Boynton Beach, was known for his impeccable craftsmanship but felt his smile didn’t quite match his professional success. His old gold crowns, a remnant of the past, seemed out of place in his otherwise polished appearance. When a satisfied client, impressed by John’s attention to detail, referred him to Healthy Dental Expressions, it marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Dr. Henry Suarez, a general dentist with a distinguished degree from UCLA School of Dentistry, led a team at Healthy Dental Expressions that was dedicated to providing personalized and high-quality dental care. They were known for treating each patient as unique, and John felt this personalized attention from his very first visit.

Dr. Suarez suggested that John replace his outdated crowns with cosmetic porcelain e-max crowns, renowned for their durability and natural appearance. This recommendation promised not only to enhance John’s smile but also to endow it with a resilience befitting his active lifestyle. As John underwent the transformation, he noticed a significant boost in his confidence. The expertise of Dr. Suarez’s team and the advanced technology at Healthy Dental Expressions ensured a seamless transition. When the procedure was complete, John’s new smile was a radiant emblem of his professional and personal revitalization. This newfound confidence had a ripple effect, enhancing his business interactions and attracting more clients who were drawn to his vibrant personality and the authenticity of his smile. John’s experience became a beacon, leading many in the Boynton Beach business community to seek out the same exceptional dental care at Healthy Dental Expressions, where each patient’s smile is crafted with the utmost care and expertise.

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